Volcano Kid – our new baby pants machine

High machine output, broad product spectrum and fast size changes

Volcano Kid, our new production machine for baby pants, produces with up to 700 products per minute baby pants in a product length of up to 550 mm.

The use of cam-controlled servo drives, so-called re-pitch modules and the well-proven exclusive BICMA S2S modules ensure maximum product flexibility. Using re-pitch modules reduces the number of size tools to a minimum and makes the few size tools easy to change. Our S2S modules are used whenever size changes are necessary, e.g. from a very small to a large size. These complete modules include all essential functions which need Latest to be replaced for size changes. They slide on airpillows and can be changed within a matter of minutes – which also facilitates machine maintenance. A further highlight is the ability to change the core forming drum quickly in only six minutes, which is only possible on BICMA systems.

It goes without saying that the latest drive and control technology from Siemens and Allan Bradley are used. This allows remote maintenance of your machine and already conforms to Industrie 4.0 requirements. Cameras in the machine serve for inline quality supervision of the product.

The Volcano Kid is perfectly equipped for the future. Innovative engineering solutions ensure reliable product transfer even at the highest process speeds. An innovative production process allows elastic waist sideseam welding by using standard ultrasonic systems.

The main focus in the development of the Volcano Kid is on sustainability: Not only is the vacuum supply controlled according to demand and therefore very energy-efficient, the vacuum consumption is also additionally reduced by an optimized surface coating of the transport segments.

The layout of the new machine components and modular design make it possible to transform existing diaper machines of any manufacturer into a baby pants machine by adding a BICMA retrofit.

Our Sales Team at BICMA will be happy to discuss your needs.