Machine Series 1300-FEM

for Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners made of Fluff or Airlaid

  • HDC


Product Options:

  • Ultrathin high-density fluff core with SAP
  • Thick fluff core with SAP, 2D or 3D shape
  • Airlaid core or acquisition layer
  • Hiloft acquisition layer
  • Inline flexoprinting on topsheet, acquisition layer or films
  • Pattern or channel embossing
  • Product folded and then single-wrapped (classical fold + wrap)
  • Product laminated onto pouchfilm, folded and wrapped with pouchfilm (Easypack)
  • Foam or Lycra elastics
  • Combined topsheet (textile edges, soft sides, cuffs)
  • Perfume, lotion
  • Second pair of wings, for overnight napkins
  • Additional materials or cores
  • Pantyliners anatomical, flex, or tanga shape



  • from 500 to 1500 Products / Minute
  • Standard drive system full-servo, other concepts available as option


Optional Modules:

  • Ultrasonic applications
  • Camera vision system for inline quality supervision