Auxilium FM

Face mask line capable of producing up to 1 million disposable surgical masks per day with a lower cost mask design

The W+D/BICMA hygiene group of Winkler+Dünnebier has developed a fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting line for the production of high quality disposable face masks. This new converting line will be able to produce masks for surgical grade applications. It is capable of producing 800 face masks per minute but with a lower cost mask ear loop design.

The new AUXILIUM FM has a speed of up to 150 m/min (492 ft/min) and is able to produce up to 1 million high quality face masks per day - making it one of the fastest mask production machines in the world.

Adding to the manufacturing throughput efficiency is a unique lower cost mask design capability for an expensive component of the mask which maximizes the capabilities of lowest cost per piece mass production. There are also different options available for mask stacking and automation which make this mask machine best suited for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

The new mask line produces and laminates three fabrics (spun bond, melt blown, thermo-bonded nonwovens and others) and ensures highest quality hygiene standards. It utilizes W+D/BICMA’s proven technology in automatic unwinding and splicing for nonwoven webs, cutting and positioning devices for the metal nose bar, and heat and ultrasonic edge welding.