Maschine Series 1128-HW


For the Production of Baby Diapers

  • Compact
  • High-Speed
  • Anatomic or ears
  • Pants


Product Options:

  • Ultrathin high-density fluff core with high SAP amount
  • Fluffless SAP core
  • Classical thick fluff core with SAP 
  • Continous or discreet core forming, 2D or 3D shape
  • Tissue or nonwoven core wrap or core carrier material
  • Hiloft acquisition layer 
  • Textile Backsheet premade or laminated inline 
  • Additional materials or cores
  • Synchronized application of preprinted materials, e.g. backsheet, frontal tape, elastic waist 
  • Inline flexoprinting on topsheet or other materials 
  • Frontal tape / Frontal loop, selfadhesive or glued inline
  • Elastic waist, foam or fluted
  • Cuffs fixed with hotmelt or ultrasonic
  • Anatomical product shape (classic)
  • Modern narrow chassis with add-on ears (T-shape, elastic low-waste back-ear, elastic zero-waste back-ear, non-elastic sinus-cut frontear) 
  • Lotion, Aloe Vera, parfume


  • 500 – 750 - 1000 Products / Minute for Open Diapers
  • 300 – 500 Products / Minute for Pants
  • up to 500 m / Minute
  • full-servo as standard drive system, other concepts available as option


Optional modules:

  • Ultrasonic applications
  • Camera vision system for inline quality supervision